With various classroom solutions offered for observations and assessment what makes ReallySchool stand out?

Well for one it’s incredibly easy to use which saves on staffing costs and time. The app is flexible, quick and intuitive. It is not only for evidence and assessment but communication with parents too.

Most importantly though it’s because we made this app to work for you. We wanted the best possible solution to help hard working professionals that gives you what you need.  We have worked closely with a school in Peterborough to ensure ReallySchool gives a high-quality experience. We have used their feedback to continuously improve ReallySchool and we want yours too, so we can give you the best ReallySchool has to offer.

This app is for teachers and as an ex-teacher myself, I know how much work you do; how high the expectations are and how little time you have. I would have loved to have used ReallySchool while I was still teaching as I know it would’ve had a positive impact in the classroom and on my workload! Education is close to our hearts here at ReallySchool and that is why we stand out.