With many features to explore and use in different ways, here is some advice for how you can really get the most out of ReallySchool:

  • Use your class reports to see which children to focus on in your next observation. You can then group children based on gaps/lack of observations or attainment for your next lesson or activity.
  • Use group notes to give your observations a context when adding evidence for more than one child. This is a simple way to save time writing a longer observation for each child. Also, you can view the group note as you create individual notes to make sure the information matches up.
  • Use voice recordings for communication and language evidence. What could be a clearer way to show how well your pupils communicate?
  • Get your TAs involved. As ReallySchool is easy to use, why not delegate some observations to TAs? I’m sure they will prefer it to scribbling down notes.
  • Check before you post. There is a draft mode for all observations, so you can check for typos and anything else you may need to alter. Drafts can be posted at any time so, if you are unsure about an observation, you don’t need to rush to post it.
  • Observe progress over time. Why not print out class/individual reports each half term so you can look at progress over time? You can easily see which children are emerging, developing and secure in each subject area so you can compare the difference. You could also look at number of observations over time to check that some children aren’t lacking in evidence.

If you have any of your own top tips, please let us know in the comments section below.

Image source: depositphotos.com