Technology in the classroom goes beyond whiteboards and tablets. Niall Kitson of Tech Central Radio talks to NetSupport’s Managing Director Al Kingsley about how artificial intelligence can be used to make sure students stay safe and well.

Niall Kitson says: “So when we’re looking at what’s happening inside schools – there is the element of ‘yes, we have to manage the IT estate’, but it’s when you get down to the level of the user (students) that there needs to be that level of literacy also in terms of what it is appropriate to be searching for and looking at. So that brings in digital citizenship.”

Al Kingsley comments: “In practice, it relates to all of us. It’s how you to choose to respect other people and ourselves and how we conduct ourselves and protect our information. The school-centric part is making sure we stay safe online and that is down to the education that both parents and the school provide as well as the tools put in place to monitor.”

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