Last week, I came across three heart warming stories, that I wanted to share. These three individuals have overcome challenges in their lives and their hard work has paid off. Their achievements are great and their journeys inspiring. If you need something to make you smile or give you some motivation then keep reading.



Morgan is a seventeen-year-old boy, who has a stammer. More importantly, he is a boy that has gone from being too anxious to read in front of his peers to doing a live interview on BBC Radio 5. Morgan’s story is about growth in self-belief. He went on a course to help him control his stammer and this gave him the confidence to keep pushing himself further and further. Morgan has been setting himself challenges, as he is determined not to let his stammer hold him back. He is even helping others with stammers by raising awareness at charity events. Morgan also found magic as a great way to communicate with others and show case his talents. He performs some of his tricks at charity events. Morgan has achieved so much by challenging himself to keep reaching new goals.

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Donna is a professional photographer and teacher. Donna has “dyslexia, dyspraxia and severe Irlen Syndrome, a condition that affects her brain’s ability to process visual information.” However, Donna does not let that stand in her way. In fact she draws strength from this. Donna explains, “my disability has driven me as a person.” This drive helped her to win an enterprise award, from the Princes’s Trust, for her business Bridgewater Photography. This success was achieved after only her first year of business. Donna is a role model in the community. As well as being a successful entrepreneur, she supports young people with SEND, by teaching Photography at Hereward College. Donna strongly believes in self motivation, explaining, “You can do anything if you put your mind to it.” She has proved that with her amazing achievements.

You can see Donna’s full story here:



Richard is an amateur photographer from Salford. He’s also blind. Despite his sight deteriorating over time, he has not let this stop him from continuing to take amazing photographs. Richard is passionate about what he he does and has found a unique way to continue with his photography or as he puts it, “I’ve had to learn to cope and crack on.” To be able to take his photos, he uses an app, (Be My Eyes) that describes his surroundings. He also uses the sounds and shadows around him. The app works in real time so he can take photos more accurately. For example, in the video Richard pointed his camera at a swan by a body of water, and the app explained, ‘image 2 is white swan next to body of water.’  Richard finds it difficult not being able to see the world around him, especially his family and friends, but by continuing with his passion it not only ‘takes his mind off things,’ but he is able to show that he can achieve anything with or without his sight. Richard is a great role model to anyone who needs to overcome something to reach a goal. Due to his drive and determination, he still takes beautiful photos without seeing them, and that is truly miraculous.

You can see Richards’ full story here:



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