With Bett just a week away, the excitement is building up for the ReallySchool team!

Not only are we exhibiting but we’re also shortlisted for a Bett award in the ‘Educational Apps’ category. Whatever happens at the awards,  I am very proud of my team and all their hard work. ReallySchool is still very new, so to be considered for a Bett award is a real honor especially with all the incredible EdTech on the shortlist.

Personally, I am really excited for Bett because it will be my first time visiting let alone exhibiting. I didn’t know much about it when I was teaching which is a real shame as I’m sure I would have gained a lot from visiting. Particularly, from speaking to other education professionals and gaining valuable insights from their experiences.

Although, I’m very excited for Bett I’m also just a bit nervous about speaking at the NetSupport stand each day! I’ll be talking about how to ‘Capture your students’ learning experiences and enhance parental engagement,’ as in short, that is what ReallySchool is all about. It will be great to have this opportunity to share ReallySchool with you as I know it can make a real impact in your classrooms.

I’m hoping to find a little time to explore some of the great EdTech out there but I am particularly looking forward to meeting new people particularly teachers, teaching assistants and school leaders. It will be great to demonstrate our product and get some really valuable feedback from you.


What we have in store

ReallySchool (D120) will be next to the NetSupport stand (D130) which will be showcasing NetSupport’s other amazing products. NetSupport have some special guests- ANME, GoBubble and Anderton Tiger. We will also have NetSupport Radio on the go, broadcasting live at 3 PM each day, hosted by Russell Prue. This will include Bett news, interviews and more (I’ll be having an interview on there too!).

As I mentioned, I’ll be speaking at the stand each day but I’m just one of many speakers. Our speakers include great teachers, school leaders, managers, governors, consultants and so much more.

To find out more about our presenters and special guests, and to see the speaker schedule head here: https://www.netsupportsoftware.com/bett-2019/#



WEAR COMFY SHOES! I must have been told this by at least 10 people already, which shows just how important this is. Also, if you are exhibiting it’s a good idea to bring a spare pair of comfy shoes as you will be spending many, many hours on your feet.

Mark Anderson has some really useful advice from his experiences at Bett in his recent blog post here: http://www.netsupportdna.com/education/blogdetail.asp?id=2422

I really recommend reading it, especially if like me, it’s your first time visiting or exhibiting at Bett.


Where to find us

You can also find NetSupport next to us at D130.


Whatever your plans for Bett, have a great week! Hope to see you there.