Henry Platten (founder of eCadets and GoBubble) interviews Katherine Cauchi (Product Manager of ReallySchool) on NetSupport Radio to discuss what makes ReallySchool unique and what visitors can expect to see on stand D120 at Bett 2019.

Henry asked Kat “What was it about ReallySchool that attracted you to the product?”

“I just really like the idea of supporting teachers for a change” responded Kat. “I spent lots of time working with pupils and being surrounded by stressed-out teachers with high workloads who needed different ways to manage it. ReallySchool just seemed like such an obvious, flexible way to manage those observations and assessments. It just really grabbed my attention and it was great to be able to use my educational background to help develop the product further.”

Henry then asked Kat “What are the benefits of ReallySchool?”

Kat comments “It’s an online solution for capturing observations, linking them to pre-populated assessments and sharing the learning with parents.  But what makes it stand out is the close relationship we have with a local school that has allowed us to develop it in use to ensure the tools deliver real everyday benefits – and its intuitiveness allows it to be adapted to suit every school.”

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