Soon some schools will be breaking up for the Easter holidays and many will no doubt be weaving the Easter theme in to assemblies, lessons, lunch menus and so on.

However, as we get closer to Easter we also get closer to the end of term and our lovely teachers grow in exhaustion. When you are tired out and already dedicating a lot of time to planning, teaching and marking, then trying to link lessons to a specific theme, may seem an overwhelming task. To save you racking your brain trying to think of something, here are 20 activity ideas covering different subject areas to get you started. Hopefully at least one of these ideas gives you some inspiration.

  • Missing posters for the Easter Bunny
  • Fact files about Easter (including research)
  • Spring poems
  • Make Easter treats (include measurement by weighing ingredients and write up the recipe)
  • Explore questions such as, ‘Who celebrates Easter?’ ‘What is the significance?’
  • Easter egg scavenger hunt with clues to read and brainteasers to solve
  • Create and decorate paper mache eggs, rabbits, chicks etc.
  • Role play the Easter Story
  • Learn Easter songs and hymns and get your pupils to create their own songs
  • Organise a church visit, or special visitor to the school to talk about Easter
  • Explore spring weather and how this differs around the world and use this research to make a prediction for the weather at Easter in different countries
  • Fact finding mission about Easter including photos, books, articles, videos etc.
  • Easter quiz (teacher or student created)
  • Design and create habitats for baby animals or insects
  • Use apps to show the life cycle of an animal
  • Create miniature gardens (research how to look after the plants, record instructions)
  • Have a classic egg and spoon race!
  • Use growing plants as inspiration for art and dance
  • Paired discussions about Easter holiday plans in languages lessons (teach key vocab)
  • Phonics bingo using spring/Easter themed words e.g. bloom chick

P.S. Whether your term ends this week, next week or even the week after have a really great break!