Today is World Book Day!

Today (5th March 2020) is World Book Day, an annual event hosted to celebrate authors, illustrators and the act of reading! Also emphasised is the importance of providing every young person and child with a book of their own – something which businesses, schools and organisations attempt to make possible. This year marks the 23rd annual World Book Day in which schools will encourage students to dress up as their favourite book character and hand out book tokens which students can exchange for one of the exclusive World Book Day Books.

At ReallySchool we recognise and understand the importance of reading in education. ReallySchool allows teachers to capture observations and assessments in all subject areas, including literacy and reading. Using a range of built-in frameworks, tools and resources, learning can be assessed on the go and individual student journals can be created to give both teachers and parents an overview of pupils’ attainment and progress!

In addition, ReallySchool allows teachers to further support observations by adding new or existing photos to capture and provide evidence of students’ reading experiences.

In order to do our bit and help promote reading in schools, we’ve created some free primary school resources for World Book Day and beyond – children can enjoy creating new characters, book covers and more!

To download our World Book Day resources, click here, or to learn more about ReallySchool, click here!