Over the last few months, the ReallySchool team have been hard at work on a new update to ReallySchool, including some great new features and enhancements.

Some of these features include:

  • All assessments can now be marked as assessed or refined

This enhancement gives more flexibility to staff when assessing and helps to indicate smaller steps of progress and how understanding has developed over time.

  • New student badges have been added to the selection

Now you have even more opportunities to celebrate student effort and achievement.

  • Pupil age at the time of observation is logged

You can use this information to compare the attainment and progress of Autumn and Summer born pupils and identify any correspondence between their age and acquisition of skills.

  • ReallySchool is now available in Welsh

Includes access to all features of ReallySchool.

  • Posted and saved observations can be reverted back to draft status

Perhaps there is an observation you no longer want shared with parents? Maybe you decided the assessments you linked weren’t quite right? Perhaps you just want to scrap the whole observation? Now you can easily do all of this and more by undoing the saving and posting process.

  • Group photos, videos and audio clips can be shared with parents if the teacher chooses to enable this for a specific piece of evidence.

This could be useful for sharing explanations of home learning activities as well as for sharing any group work you are happy for all the connected parents to access. (Please ensure if you share group evidence with parents this is inline with your own school’s policies.)

  • Updates to the administrator role.

The admin role now has some additional actions and options for setting up and managing your school.