We appreciate education has changed so much this year and educators are continually having to adapt, with this in mind we wanted to focus our attention on how best we can support you in a ever changing time.

Blended learning opportunities

Firstly we wanted to recognise and help facilitate learning outside of the classroom. Teachers are now able to share home learning activities with parents so learning can continue outside of school. Teachers can use videos, photos, audio clips and notes to demonstrate how to complete activities and share resources from both the app and portal. Additionally, teachers can give individual feedback or guidance on a student’s note. Parents can respond to these activities with notes, photos, videos and audio clips. They will also receive a notification whenever you publish a new home learning activity. Teachers can also add assessments to these entries so they can continue to monitor attainment and progress outside of the classroom.


At ReallySchool usability is crucial to us, we are passionate about providing a solution that is easy, flexible and helps save time. As part of this update we have made some changes to improve your general experience of ReallySchool. One of these new changes is that you can switch the academic year on the ReallySchool portal. This means you can easily access reports and observations from previous academic years easily. As pupils move up the school their new teachers can take a look back over their attainment and progress from prior years to better support planning. To speed up the observation process you can now press and hold observations to select and action multiple entries at once. For example, if you created five draft observations during your Art lesson and you finished making changes, you could save or post them in one go rather than posting each individual observation one at a time.

New parent app design

To make the parent app easier to navigate, parents now have three tabs at the bottom of their screen to move between. The first tab is named ‘Journal.’ This shows a log of all their child’s home learning activities and posted observations. The second tab is named ‘Home Learning.’ Here parents can add contributions to home learning activities, as well as read teacher guidance and feedback. The third tab is named ‘Rewards.’ This is where parents can view all the badges their child has received over time. If they have more than one child in school, to switch between them they just need to select the child’ s name at the top and choose which child’s information they want from the drop-down list. Parents can also press ‘Download’ for a PDF journal of their child’s learning achievements.

EYFS 2020

For those schools trialing the EYFS 2020 assessment framework, this is now available for you to add to your observations. As with the current EYFS curriculum you will also be able to generate reports and journals using assessments from this framework. The new ELG and ELG exceeding statements have been combined with the age banded statements from Development Matters so that you can show progression without having to switch between multiple frameworks.

As well as the above, we have made general fixes and improvements such as improving loading speed.

To find out more please visit: https://www.reallyschool.com/whats-new/