Did you know that parents have access to their own version of the ReallySchool app, which is incredibly easy to use.

It allows teachers to easily give individual parents and carers specific guidance for their child such as suggested support, resources, and challenges, encouraging greater engagement and useful communication with teachers. Parents can also comment on observations (enhancing greater parental engagement), and teachers can respond to parent comments, creating a dialogue about learning and progress.

Teachers can also share with parents their child’s’ learning journal to highlight what their child is learning about at school, and any badges of achievements they have been awarded and can celebrate with their child.

Plus, as schools switch between in-school and home learning, the usual progression observations that teachers and TAs will monitor in the classroom can be lost at home. This is where ReallySchool can help, as it allows for parents and carers to contribute photos, videos, audio, and text notes (via their ReallySchool app) to support their child’s learning while complementing classroom observations.

To see ReallySchool in action, click here.

A quick guide to parental engagement with ReallySchool

When you create an observation, if you choose to Post it, the observation will be shared with parents. Additionally, the observation will be added to the student’s journal as part of their ongoing learning journey.




You can use ReallySchool to create home learning activities. Add a title, choose your students, and use photos, videos and audio clips to give guidance to parents. When you are ready, select Publish for home learning. Parents will now be able to contribute until you save or post the activity to mark it as completed.




For each observation you have the option to enable parent and teacher comments to open a teacher-parent dialogue. To do this either select the comment bubble mid-observation or select Enable Comments from the observation menu.



To highlight pupil achievement, you can award student badges. To do this during your observation select a pupil then press Badges. Select the badge/s of your choice and they will be applied to that student. A parent will see these if the observation is posted on the observation itself and in the Awards section of the parent app.