In this episode of the show, I got to speak with ReallySchool’s product manager, Kat Cauchi, about all things ReallySchool. 

A former teacher and TA, Kat really knows what it takes to support teaching and learning and those all-important observations you have to undertake in a primary school. It was really interesting to learn more about the product, how it can help reduce workload, improve communication and better support parental engagement.  

In this episode, the questions I posed to Kat included: 

  • What is ReallySchool?
  • Why was it developed?
  • What problems/issues does ReallySchool help with?
  • What would be your top tips for recording observations?
  • How can you make the most of ReallySchool’s reporting tools? 
  • What are your top tips for communicating with parents and carers? 

To learn more about ReallySchool, visit or to connect directly with Kat, please follow her on Twitter here