New features added to ReallySchool!

The ReallySchool team have been working hard on new features and enhancements to better support both parents and teachers, as well as provide some all-important safeguarding features.

Parents can create observations

Parents can now create observations via the ReallySchool Parent app. They can add video, audio, images and text notes of their child’s learning and achievements to share with their class teacher. To save time, if parents have more than one child on ReallySchool, they can create one observation for all children. These then get automatically split into separate observations so they can be sent to the right teachers.

Teachers will receive a notification when a parent shares an observation. They can then choose to give feedback, celebrate achievements and apply assessments to help them monitor learning progress outside of school.

Set the date and time of observations and home learning activities

Teachers and teaching assistants can set the date and time when creating and editing observations. This tool is not only useful for recording past information that could not be captured at the time, but also for scheduling observations and home learning activities for the future. If a future observation or activity is posted, parents will not see it or receive a notification until the scheduled date.

Cover pupils’ faces in photos to support safeguarding

In support of safeguarding, this new tool enables school staff to apply smiley face stickers to images to cover pupils’ faces. These stickers can be resized to get proper coverage and can be applied to both group and individual photos.

Rotate images

Staff can now rotate images within the ReallySchool app by 90° at a time. This enables them to ensure photos are the correct orientation, without having to exit the app.

To find out more about the new features added to ReallySchool, click here.