As we prepared for the launch of our 2021 Periodic Table of EYFS Educators to follow on Twitter, we contacted a few of those that were to be included to get their perspectives on their inclusion, their thoughts on CPD and how Twitter fits into that mix. One of those people was EYFS educator, Tasha Fletcher, who is also the founder and CEO or AsWeRise, a Coach and Podcaster. In this article, she answered a number of questions which we thought would resonate with many! 

Thanks for taking the time to respond to these questions, Tasha! 

Why do you use Twitter as a teacher? 

As a teacher, I use EduTwitter as a learning tool; as a specialised news channel – it keeps me up to date on topics of interest by following experts in various fields. What I love is that it gives me the opportunity to both exchange views and ideas with experts and teachers, whilst discussing ideas and obtaining feedback. 

How do you think this resource will help? 

Twitter, although widely used, is still an untapped resource for many. As with most things, I believe that the more actively you use Twitter, the more you can potentially gain from it. A key positive of using Twitter for me is collaboration and networking.

As someone who regularly uses Twitter for professional learning, networking and sharing, what advice would you give to someone new to the platform? 

My advice to new teachers or users to the platform will be to: 

  • Embrace new ideas − Looking at teachers’ Twitter accounts will show you that we’re a diverse group.  
  • Change the conversation − Marking, weekly/daily staff meetings, planning and parent meetings don’t leave teachers with much time to discuss best practices with colleagues, and we do want to talk about what works. Twitter is a refreshing platform (specifically EduTwitter) to get an outside view, away from politics and the day-to-day conversations of your own school.
  • Be informed − The blogs of some incredible teachers have taught me a lot about the teaching profession and has served in more ways than one to keep me up to date while working overseas. These blogs, articles and podcasts have given me more practical ideas than some of the CPD I have attended. 

My final point would be to not just find resources but be part of the community by sharing them too! 

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