Welcome to another episode of #TipTopTipsEdu! 

In this episode, we are joined by former Primary school teacher, now Product Manager of ReallySchool, Kat Cauchi. With a number of accolades to her name, such as being a member of the Gender Equality Collective, a TechnoCamps GiST role model and an author for the Global Edtech team, Kat’s work and sharing in the wider education community is worthy of checking out!

A positive role model for education on social media, Kat is passionate about connecting, collaborating and supporting other educators and can regularly be found sharing ideas around Early Years, Primary, wellbeing, mindfulness and more.

With a laser-focus on supporting teachers in Early Years and Key Stage 1, I thought it only right to ask Kat for her top tips around these areas and so there are the five questions I asked her:

  1. What are your top tips for closing out the school year?
  2. What are your top tips for fun end-of-term activities that still link to learning?
  3. Do you have any top tips to ensure a smooth transition from Reception to KS1 or KS1 to KS2?
  4. Anxiety can be a big issue for our youngest learners – do you have any top tips to help with this issue?
  5. We recently collaborated on the EYFS Periodic Table… could you share just FIVE must-follow EYFS educators from that table and any tips for engaging on Twitter?

In a fantastic episode with, quite frankly, so many ideas and takeaways, I think it’d be useful for those who teach beyond Early Years and Primary phases.

If you’re interested in checking out the 82 people on the Early Years Periodic Table, you can find the post with the original resource, plus an interactive PDF, right here.

To learn more and connect with Kat on Twitter, follow her at: @ReallySchoolK.

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