Our development team at ReallySchool has been very busy working on new features and enhancements, plus a new look for the apps for parents and teachers. To see what this latest update has to offer, see more details below.

What’s new

  • Teachers can create special celebration posts to share with parents, including attachments, badges and notes showcasing something extra special an individual student has done.
  • Teachers can upload documents (PDF, DOC and DOCX) to evidence learning or to give parents resources and guidance for learning from home. In addition, parents can also upload documents as evidence of home learning and special out-of-school achievements.
  • Teachers can add external links to observations to direct parents to useful resources, such as YouTube videos or areas of the school website. (Parents can also add links to their observations).
  • New frameworks on the system for Early Years – allowing EYFS teachers to access the new EYFS 2021 framework, the CoEL 2021 framework and the Development Matters 2021 framework and link these to observations.
  • New look for the app for both parents and teachers to further improve ease of use.
  • Photo limits have increased to 36 per observation, so teachers can get more evidence in one entry.
  • Video limits have increased to 4 per note, so teachers can add more individual student evidence.

To find out more about the new features added to ReallySchool, click here.