We’ve just released our fourth episode Of Primary Importance – and we hope you check it out! Hosted by Kat Cauchi, this podcast series highlights trending topics in primary and EYFS education through the perspective of insightful guests.

Episode 4: Inclusive Books  

In this episode, Kat Cauchi is joined by Azuraye Williams and Lesley Berrington to discuss how books can be more inclusive, the importance of representation in books, and much more.

Azuraye is a year 6 teacher, Science lead, PE lead and Diversity, Equality and Inclusion lead for school and trust.  With 10 years of teaching experience, she has a real passion for DEI in education especially being a black, female teacher herself. Drawing from her own personal experiences has helped inspire her passion for better representation, diversity and inclusion in books.

Lesley is a NNEB Nursery Owner turned Inclusive Author of the ‘Hattie and friends’ series of story books. Her books are suitable for all young children as they highlight a positive view of disability with common themes and education content. For children to learn acceptance, respect and understanding of the differences we all have, Lesley believes it’s important for children to see disability in books to help bring more awareness.

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