Check out the latest episode discussing ‘Tips for success in teaching a new language’ 

Host Kat Cauchi is joined by Juliet Park, the director of Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) for the Share Trust.

Juliet is also a languages teacher and national MFL consultant, supporting schools and academy trusts. She is a successful author of languages resources, as well as an experienced examiner who regularly delivers training for awarding bodies and trainee teachers. In addition, she is also a specialist for the Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT) in Dylan Wiliam’s formative assessment programme. Juliet is passionate about developing a lifelong love of languages and linguistic mastery in young children.

Check out this episode to hear Kat and Juliet discuss ‘Tips for success in teaching a new language,’ especially for teachers without a language specialism.

Here are some of the questions that Kat asked Juliet:  

  • You recently had a book published – could you give us a summary of what the book is about and why you decided to write it?
  • As you know, language teaching in primary schools often isn’t taught by specialists. What kind of barriers do teachers without a language specialism have to teaching a language?
  • How can they overcome these barriers?
  • If a teacher is going to be teaching a series of language lessons, what are your tips for being prepared for this?
  • How can teachers ensure pupils not only learn a language but retain that knowledge?
  • What are the barriers to language learning for pupils and how can teachers help them overcome these?
  • What do you think is working well in schools for language learning and what do you think is needed to support this more?
  • What skills are important to teach pupils that will help them be successful in language learning?
  • Where pupils struggle with their literacy, how does this impact on their progress in learning another language and how can staff help them?
  • There are lots of benefits to learning another language. Could you share some of your key ones?
  • Is there any training/resources/support you would recommend to teachers?
  • How can people get in touch with you?

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You can follow Juliet on Twitter at @julietdpark. Also, be sure to check out her book ‘Tried and tested: The ultimate guide to teaching primary languages’ and her languages resource website.

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