We’re thrilled to share our new video case study from Hampton Lakes Primary School where our Product Manager, Kat Cauchi, interviewed Head of School, Zoe Trigg, and Head of EYFS Helen Lloyd about their experiences of using ReallySchool.

Here’s a snapshot of some questions that were asked:

  • What were your main challenges with observations before using ReallySchool?
  • What were your first impressions of ReallySchool?
  • What would you say are the main benefits for pupils?
  • Could you talk more about your experience of using ReallySchool with parents?
  • Do you think that ReallySchool is inclusive?
  • Has ReallySchool supported you in identifying and addressing learning gaps?
  • Did ReallySchool have an impact before lockdown and how was that different during lockdown?
  • Did it enable you to keep track of learning and progress while students weren’t in school?

Watch the full video to hear their responses or listen back via NetSupport Radio! To learn more about ReallySchool, click here.