It’s a great day to celebrate teachers across the globe as today is World Teachers’ Day! For 2022, the theme is “The transformation of education begins with teachers”. Join us in celebrating all the hard work that teachers do every day and let’s take the time to thank a teacher today. 

How does NetSupport support teachers? 

With over 33 years of developing innovative IT software for schools, we know how valuable time in the classroom is – especially for teachers. That’s why our education solutions are designed with teachers in mind to help make their jobs easier, so they can do what they do best: teach! 

Our primary observation and assessment platform, ReallySchool, helps reduce workload and maximise teaching time with an easier way to conduct assessments and observations. To help teachers boost learning outcomes, ReallySchool has a comprehensive range of progress and attainment reports that help spot learning gaps to help every pupil succeed. Learn more here.