What a great announcement to share – our very own community engagement manager and editor of R.I.S.E. Magazine, Kat Cauchi was interviewed by We Are Tech Women for her great accomplishments and contributions to edtech.

All about Kat Cauchi… 

In addition to her many roles at NetSupport, Kat Cauchi also is a proud member of the Global Equality Collective, a Global EdTech author and a TechnoCamps Girls in STEM role model. Plus, she also won the 2022 Nexus Education ‘Classroom and Curriculum Improvement’ award and was shortlisted in the TechWomen100 Awards.

As a former primary school teacher, Kat is passionate about education and closing gaps. Her background in education helps in communicating with educators and understanding their needs. Plus, as a teacher at heart, Kat is familiar with the challenges and priorities teachers experience.

Find out more about Kat by reading the full interview!

Three tips for anyone starting a career in tech… 

With Kat’s extensive knowledge of education and passion for supporting teachers and students, she shares three top tips that helped her succeed.

  1. Know your worth
  2. Ask for what you want and need
  3. Support networks

Check out the full interview to see Kat’s helpful responses. Also, discover tips on what companies can and should do to support more women in the tech industry.