Check out the latest episode of our must-see podcast series hosted by Kat Cauchi featuring Lynn How discussing Creating a mentally healthy workplace from the top down and the bottom up.

Inside this Of Primary Importance episode… 

In this episode, Kat Cauchi is joined by Lynn How to talk about Creating mentally healthy workplaces from the top to the bottom and the bottom to the topTune in to hear all about fostering healthy, positive environments.  

About Lynn How… 

Lynn has 20 years of primary teaching and SLT experience; she has been an Assistant Head, Lead Mentor for ITT and a SENCO. She loves to write and as well having her own blog, she has written for organisations including Education Support, Nexus and SEN Magazine. She is also the editor of Teacher Toolkit. Lynn has two books being published with Hinton House this year on the topics of SENCO survival and SEMH in EYFS and KS1. She has also published her first children’s storybook with an SEMH theme called ‘Your Rainbow’. Lynn holds an MA in Education, Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching status (FCCT), NASENCO and NPQH. Her areas of interest are staff and pupil wellbeing, SEND, children’s mental health, leadership, mentoring and coaching. Recently she has started an Educational Consultancy business for SEND (SEND support) and Teacher Wellbeing (The Wellbeing Lady). 

Here are some of the questions Kat asked Lynn:  

  • Could you please introduce yourself to our listeners? 
  • Could you tell us more about your Positive Young Minds Facebook group? 
  • From your experience what are some of the main pressure points school staff are experiencing? 
  • Are there any particular groups in education you feel are particularly pressured and groups that are getting less support than others and how do we improve that? 
  • Mental health issues are quite prevalent in education and have been for a long time- is this improving at all? 
  • We’ve discussed some of the challenges for schools in supporting good mental health, what are some more of the key challenges? 
  • How can a school underpin mental health to be within their culture and values? 
  • What are some common misconceptions for improving wellbeing and mental health? 
  • How does the mental happiness of staff impact on pupils? 
  • How does a mentally healthy school impact on retention? 
  • What are some examples of good practice in schools in the UK or internationally that we can look to? 
  • Where can schools go for resources and support with wellbeing and mental health and how can they best get in contact with you? 

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