We’ve just released a new episode of our must-see podcast series, Of Primary Importance, hosted by Kat Cauchi featuring Cat Allott! Check out all the details below and be sure to watch the entire episode. 

Inside this Of Primary Importance episode… 

In this episode, Kat Cauchi is joined by Cat Allott to talk about empowering teaching assistants (TAs) and helping them feel a valued member of their school community.

About Cat Allott… 

Cat is a Segment Assistant at Twinkl Teaching Assistants. Her role involves creating TA-specific resources, publishing blogs and running our @TwinklTA Twitter account and TA Facebook groups she has a keen interest in all things pastoral and enjoys networking with other education professionals to raise the profile of TAs, Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) and Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAs). Cat if a former KS2 Teacher and TA, who qualified in Speech & Language Therapy before becoming a Teaching Assistant to gain some experience in schools before her PGCE. She was a KS2 Class Teacher for 5 years before transitioning away from the classroom to Twinkl Teaching Assistants.

Here are some of the questions discussed:  

  • Could you please introduce yourself to our listeners?
  • What prompted you to leave the classroom?
  • How have you found the transition from teaching to working at Twinkl?
  • What attracted you to being part of the Teaching Assistant Segment there in particular?
  • What are some of the key challenges TAs are currently facing and how can we overcome these?
  • Do teaching assistants feel valued enough?
  • What are some things schools can do to help TAs feel more valued?
  • What CPF opportunities would you want TAs to have access to?
  • How can class teachers develop good working relationships with their TA?
  • What advice would you give to someone considering becoming a TA?
  • What are some ways that Twinkl TA Digest can support TAs?

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