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Hosted by Kat Cauchi, this podcast series explores all things EYFS and primary with different topics and special guests. We are excited to share our latest episode with you featuring Ian Timbrell!

In this episode, Kat and Ian discuss the importance of Relationships and Sex education (RSE) and how schools can communicate effectively with parents about RSE. Ian is an LGBT+ and RSE consultant, supporting schools become more inclusive for all pupils. Ian has taught for 15 years and been a deputy head teacher for 5 years.

In addition, he hosts the Staffroom Soapbox podcast and regularly blogs and writes articles on his website www.timbrelleducation.com. Ian is also a grammar geek and loves to nerd out on the history of languages.

Here are some of the questions Kat asked Ian:

  • What are the statutory requirements for schools in providing Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)?
  • RSE can get a lot of backlash- why is that and how can we mitigate that?
  • Have you had many examples of parents requesting to withdraw their child and citing ‘religious reasons’ and how can schools best respond to this?
  • What are some common complaints you have had from parents about RSE and how have you best combatted those?
  • How can schools best manage withdrawal requests?
  • Is it more common for parents to be worried about RSE teaching for primary pupils than secondary?
  • What would be your top tips for having conversations with parents about RSE?
  • Why are you so passionate about RSE?

Watch the episode now to hear from Ian!

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