What are the benefits of ReallySchool?

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Flexible tools that save you time
  • Developed with the support of school staff
  • No staff training required
  • Budget friendly cost
  • Passionate and dedicated team
  • Created by NetSupport, a trusted education software provider that has been in business since 1989

Benefits for teachers

ReallySchool’s main benefit for teachers is the time it saves each day by allowing you to quickly complete daily tasks on the go, such as creating observations, capturing evidence, linking learning to assessment, monitoring progress, communicating with parents – and more. As ReallySchool is multi-functional, it can save you at least two hours each day; that’s a minimum of 10 hours each working week! Not to mention that completing these tasks as you go helps you get your evenings and weekends back.

Allowing you to see at a glance the attainment and progress of your class and students, ReallySchool helps you to quickly spot gaps in learning and plan next steps to help your pupils achieve. You can see which learning areas may need more coverage and where you may need to provide additional support for your students.

We know that communicating with parents can be difficult, particularly those parents who are hard to reach, which is why being able to share pupils’ learning instantly with their parents is a great way to break down these barriers. Parents are engaged by photos, videos and audio clips of their child learning – and you can use our comment system to open a teacher-parent dialogue.

Benefits for pupils

The time you save when adding assessments and observations can be redirected to focus on teaching and planning, which is of great benefit to your class. In addition, ReallySchool helps you spot individuals’ attainment and progress at a glance – helping you give tailored, high-quality support to your pupils.

As a student’s learning can be shared with parents, this is a great motivator for them to try their best at school – and ReallySchool can help parents celebrate their achievements with them. If a pupil has done something extra special, you can reward them with a virtual badge that is also viewable by parents. There are many badges to choose from to celebrate student success!

Benefits for parents

Parents have access to their own version of the ReallySchool app, which is incredibly easy to use. They can check up on their child’s learning as easily as checking their emails! The app helps those who work long hours keep updated on how their child is getting on at school. If the teacher has left a comment, parents have the opportunity to reply if they wish, at a time that’s convenient for them.

Videos, photos and audio clips help all parents – including those who may not speak English or are new to the language – understand what their child is learning about at school. Pupil learning journals not only help parents see their child’s learning over time, but they are great to share with relatives to celebrate the child’s achievements.

The app is a great way for parents to engage with their child’s learning, without the pressures that come with activities such as helping with homework.

"Really School is a great resource that is very effective in supporting practitioners as they collect and collate observations of our children’s learning and progress."

Hampton Lakes Primary School

“I highly recommend ReallySchool. It’s a fantastic product that has a made a huge impact in the classroom.”

Dogsthorpe Infant School

“My first impressions are that ReallySchool is a well laid out method of recording observations within the EYFS. I’m particularly impressed by the ease with which video and audio clips can be added – plus the fact that several children can be rapidly included in one observation.”

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School

"I honestly believe that ReallySchool is a product that will transform the work of primary school teachers and other staff: saving them huge amounts of time, generating high quality and meaningful reports, enabling contact and communication with parents, involving children in self-assessment and recording – the list is almost endless!"

Gary Perkins, Owner “Supporting School Leaders,” Former Headteacher, Ofsted inspector, NS Senior Regional Adviser, Head of School Improvement and Assistant Director (Education)

“ReallySchool is an exceptional tool for capturing student learning. In a data-rich but time-poor educational climate, giving teachers a resource that saves them time and produces effective and purposeful reports is a no brainer! I really love how it ties to the frameworks for various key stages and allows users to add video, audio and text. The badges to celebrate student success are a real win too. I wholeheartedly recommend ReallySchool.”

Ben Whitaker, Co-ordinator of Project Digital at Burnley College and Co-host of the Edufuturists podcast, Quizlet.

“A 'very visual' product with 'clear class information' and colours, which made it particularly easy to use”

Nursery World Awards

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