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Create classes and houses

Choose create class or create house from the side menu – or use the + class or + house buttons that can be found under the relevant tabs. Here, you will have the option to give your class a name, a brief description and select the relevant year group.

Add or import staff/students

Under the relevant tabs, you can use + student or + staff to add new staff and students to your school. These options can also be found in the side menu under new student or add teacher.

Alternatively, for quick and easy setup, you can import students and staff from your school’s MIS system via a CSV file.

NEW Classify leadership staff

Differentiate between leadership staff members by classifying their roles, e.g. Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher or Head of Year.

Creating an observation…

You can create observations from an iPad or Android tablet, or with a Windows/Mac computer.
Use the ‘+’ icon under the observations tab to create a new observation – or choose new observation from the side menu.

Access current assessment criteria

Access all current assessment criteria for EYFS, KS1, Foundation Phase and KS2 straight from the system, as well as PScales, CoEL, ECaT and EYDJ frameworks

Enhanced feature – Pre-key stage and Greater Depth assessment frameworks are now available.

Add or capture photos

Support your observations by adding existing photos or capturing new ones straight from your device.

Add audio notes

Add voice notes to an observation to capture learning as it happens. Notes can be played back by staff or shared with parents to encourage engagement, and are especially useful for those with English as an additional language.

NEW Record video files

Record video files to add to an observation to clearly evidence your judgements. Video files can be played back by staff and shared with parents. This visual record of pupils is an easy way to engage parents in their child’s learning.

Flexible assessments

Add extra assessment criteria, record whether it was child-initiated and include students from other classes for group work – all on the fly.

Class reports

Gain a clear overview of pupils’ progress via the Class report grid. This shows the number of observations captured per assessment point for each child in the class, so you can see where more attention is required. Simply select the view you need by filtering by subject or categorising by assessment area – or view assessment coverage as an easy-to-visualise heatmap.

Enhanced Feature- Class Reports are now available in-app, enabling you to monitor student attainment and observation coverage on the go.

NEW Class Progress Reports

Easily monitor your students’ progress by seeing at a glance how their attainment has changed over time in each of their learning areas.

NEW Student Progress Reports

Quickly assess individual student progress with this new report. View their change in attainment over time and spot learning gaps to be addressed.

NEW Baseline Assessments and Reports

Assess your EYFS pupils on entry by creating a new observation, selecting students and hitting the baseline button. From here you can set the students’ age bands for each learning area. You can also access specific base line reports for your class or individual students.

NEW Reports Dashboard

Now you can access all your reports and journals in one place using our reports dashboard. For your convenience, you can now generate multiple journals at once and set and save filters that are useful to you.

Timeline filters

See pupils’ progress laid out on an informative timeline so you can quickly gauge their achievements. Apply filters to drill down to the information you need to focus on.

Detailed student view

Detailed student view is accessible anywhere a student is present. It is particularly useful to Teachers/TAs when they are planning or capturing the next observation for a student. The detailed student view offers a summary for the student which includes the observations and assessments already captured and applied.

Group note preview

When editing an observation in draft mode, you can add additional notes for individual students while simultaneously previewing the group notes. For speed and efficiency, you can copy and paste straight from the group notes directly to an individual student’s notes – as well as duplicating or moving images.

Create student journals and reports

Create easy-to-share journals and reports directly from any observation.

Enhanced feature – Student journals have now been enhanced so you can view them in both landscape and portrait modes – helping to minimise paper usage within the school when printing.

NEW  Add student badges

Celebrate student success by adding our new student badges to observations. There are so many to choose from, including subject specific badges, badges for behaviour, progress, effort and much more. These look eye catching in journals and are viewable by parents, so pupil success can be celebrated at home too.

Share achievements and progress

Share achievements and progress of selected items with parents – all with a single click. In addition, parents can keep track of their child’s progress via the observations timeline, with filter options allowing quick access to the information needed. Parents can also print their child’s journal or share with family and friends straight from the app.

NEW Comments on observations

Parents and teachers can now comment on observations. This enhances parental engagement and allows both teachers and parents to give student feedback. Teachers can also respond to parent comments, creating a dialogue about learning and progress.

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