Distance learning with ReallySchool​

Since March 2020, more than ever before, we have seen how important it is to be able to continue learning outside of the classroom.

And to help you do that, we’ve added tools to ReallySchool so you can maintain the rhythm of learning, whether pupils are in school or at home.

Now you can give parents the guidance they need to support their child as they learn, as well as keep track of your pupils’ development, even when they cannot be in school.

Find out more about how you can use ReallySchool to support distance learning – and check out our home learning activity resources!

Set home learning activities

Share home learning activities with parents using videos, audio clips, photos and text notes to explain and demonstrate activities.

Parent contributions

Parents can add photos, videos, audio clips and text notes of their child’s learning on their parent version of the app.

Monitor progress outside of school

Just like with observations, apply assessments to home learning activities so you can continue to monitor pupils’ progress outside of school.

Give individual feedback and guidance

Use student notes to give individual guidance to parents or to give feedback. You can also award student badges to praise them for their efforts outside of school!

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