A fresh and intuitive approach to capturing primary pupils’ learning experiences.

Save time 

ReallySchool effectively eliminates the time-consuming task of handwritten observations and printing, cutting, and sticking photos in books to evidence student learning and progress. With ReallySchool you can quickly type or record notes, add evidence such as photos, videos and audio clips and even add assessments on the go in just a few clicks. Our beautiful learning journals and informative timelines and reports give you access to all the information you need at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime.

Instantly, share student achievements and progress with parents in a single click. Spot gaps in learning and monitor progress in minutes.

Easy to use 

Simple and intuitive enough to enable teachers to use it quickly and without training, ReallySchool stands apart from other solutions due to its flexibility. Teachers and TAs can capture photos and videos direct from their device or add existing ones to a child’s record. They can add written or voice notes to observations as they occur, as well as see progress timelines.  

Plus, teachers and TAs can add or remove pupils from groups on the fly – and even change the criteria mid-assessment if they have noticed a pupil has done something additional to the current topic.

Supporting assessments 

Current curriculum frameworks for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are available straight from the system for your convenience. In a single observation, you can use assessments from any number of frameworks, age bands, learning areas etc. to help you get the most out of your observations. During an observation, you can view which statements students have and haven’t achieved before and refine pupil understanding – enabling you to move learning forward. Our progress and attainment reports help you identify which students need extra support or opportunities to deepen their understanding.

See our full list of assessment frameworks

Key features include:

  • Create classes and houses
  • Add or capture photos
  • Access current assessment criteria
  • Add extra assessment criteria on the fly
  • One click for a detailed student view
  • View a range of class reports
  • See pupils’ progress in timelines
  • Add audio and video notes
  • Create student journals and reports
  • Share achievements and progress with parents
  • Celebrate student success
  • Add comments to observations
  • Add baseline assessments
  • Generate leadership reports
  • And more!

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Our simple-to-use tablet app is designed for early years practitioners, primary school teachers and TAs to ensure the easiest and most flexible approach to capturing observations in the classroom. Record assessments from the in-built list of assessment points, identify child-initiated activities, capture photos to support evidence – and so much more.

All classroom assessments can be moderated post-lesson from the ReallySchool Windows console, additional notes can be added, and then, where appropriate, shared instantly with parents or carers. ReallySchool also generates beautiful journals and reports to ensure you can see who is on track, emerging or secure on any topic and allow you to spot any learning gaps.

ReallySchool has an annual fee that varies depending on the number of pupils you have. There are no additional costs, as the payment includes all of ReallySchool’s features. The annual costs only vary for the number of pupils; any number of devices can be used to access ReallySchool.

What they say about us...

Mrs Waters, Head Teacher, Dogsthorpe Infants School

“With ReallySchool, we’re now getting better quality assessments, which means a better response in terms of planning and provision.”

Mrs Waters, Head Teacher, Dogsthorpe Infants School

Ben Whitaker, Co-ordinator of Project Digital at Burnley College

“In a data-rich but time-poor educational climate, giving teachers a resource that saves them time and produces effective and purposeful reports is a no brainer!”

Ben Whitaker, Co-ordinator of Project Digital at Burnley College

Mrs Jordan, Dogsthorpe Infants School

“Being able to assess there and then during an observation is so helpful.”

Mrs Jordan, Dogsthorpe Infants School