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Episode 7

In this episode, we are joined by John Magee.

John’s life mission and purpose to Cultivate Kindness in the Classroom by being a positive role model and sharing with everyone the many psychological and emotional benefits from practising daily kindness. He has helped transform over 10,000 children’s lives and 1000’s of teachers lives who have taken part in his Kindness Matters 30 Day Challenge and he looks forward to doing the same for anyone listening to this episode. In this episode we discussed The Respect Model John developed and how this helps reduce confrontations and encourages pupils to be more respectful of school staff.

You can follow John on Twitter at @KindnessCoach_.

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Key questions covered:

  • Please can you tell our listeners a little about who you are, what you do and your background in education?
  • What inspired you to become the Kindness Coach and how and when did that all start?
  • I know you do a lot of work with schools, could you tell us some of the ways you support educators?
  • One of the aspects you mentioned was the RESPECT model, please can you explain what that is and how it came about?
  • How do educators go about implementing the model?
  • What has the impact been like for the schools that have implemented this?
  • What other advice would you give to educators to encourage good choices in behaviour and learning?
  • What are some of the pitfalls educators may unintentionally fall in to when it comes to behaviour management?
  • How can staff create a culture of kindness in their classrooms and likewise how can senior leaders create this across the whole school?
  • Where can schools get more information, support and resources?
  • What’s going on right now in the world of the Kindness coach and what’s next?

About the host

Kat Cauchi is the Product Manager of ReallySchool – a solution for early years and primary from NetSupport . She is also a former primary school teacher, member of the Global Equality Collective, Technocamps, GiST role model, and Global EdTech author.  

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Episode 6
– Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Episode 6

In this episode, we are joined by Nicole Ponsford. (@nicoleponsford)

Nic Ponsford FRSA is the Co-Founder of the GEC (Global Equality Collective)  and CEO of GEC Education.  Previously an AST and award-winning teacher and Harvard author (‘TechnoTeaching’), she is now an educational and technology thought leader. Whilst studying her Doctorate , she has recently been an EdTech50 Judge, headhunted for a central role with the DfE EdTech Demonstrator Programme, a whitepaper research analyst for HE and a freelance Online Learning Designer. Nic is also Director of EdTech UK and is Editor of the digital publication EdTech UK Magazine. She is also a frequent keynote speaker and panelist on closing gaps for the most vulnerable, #techforgood & #futureofwork, and all things diversity and inclusion in education. Nic believes that technology is the great equaliser for our time.

In this episode we discussed Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) in the Early Years.

You can follow Kerry on Twitter at @nicoleponsford
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Episode 5
– Therapeutic animals in education

Kat Cauchi is joined by Kerry Williams-Kendall. (@Skyrish2011) )

Kerry is the Vice Principal at Boothroyd Primary Academy in West Yorkshire. She is leading on Teaching and Learning, Curriculum and Pupil Premium as well as a staff governor. She is leading a research forum for the focus trust and developing a CPF training model for the wider area. She has been in senior leadership since 2006 and worked in many schools as a lead on many different subjects. She also wrote policies and procedures around issues such as fertility treatment and miscarriage while teaching, a subject she is very passionate about.

Hear all about Therapeutic animals in education and how they can have a beneficial impact on pupils, staff and parents.

You can follow Kerry on Twitter at @Skyrish2011
You can also follow Boothroyd Primary Academy at @BoothroydAcad
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Episode 4 – Inclusive Books

In this episode, we are joined by Azuraye Williams (@chocpud85) and Lesley Berrington (@Hattiesfriends).

Lesley is a NNEB Nursery Owner turned Inclusive Author of the ‘Hattie and friends’ series of story books. Her books feature positive images of disability, with familiar themes and educational content. The books are suitable for all young children. Lesley believes children need to see disability in books to learn acceptance, respect and understanding for the differences we all have.

Azuraye is a year 6 teacher, Science lead, PE lead and Diversity, Equality and Inclusion lead for school and trust.  She has been teaching for 10 years and has said that every year brings new challenges and experiences. She has a real passion for DEI in education especially being a black, female teacher herself. She feels her own life experiences are something she personally brings to role and is part of her passion for better representation, diversity and inclusion in books.

In this episode we discussed inclusive books – how books can be more inclusive, why representation in books is so important and more.

You can follow Azuraye on Twitter at @chocpud85.
You can follow Lesley on Twitter at @Hattiesfriends.
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Episode 3 – Minecraft Education Edition

In this episode, we are joined by Kate McCallam (@ChattyStaffroom).

Kate is a Year 6 teacher and Computing lead at an independent school in York with 15 years of experience teaching predominantly in Year 6. She is a Literacy specialist and MFL graduate who loves creative curriculum, research, sharing ideas and chatty staffrooms. She also has a previous life in TV production!

I talked to Kate about her Minecraft Education Edition project with two Year 6 classes. Here are some of the questions I asked her:

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Episode 2 – Stepping up Teaching and Stepping into New Roles

In this episode, Kat Cauchi is joined by Oliver Wright (@OliverSlt) who discusses stepping up teaching and stepping into new roles.

Oliver is the sector manager for Senior Leadership at Twinkl. His role is to develop links with and content for leaders in school. He lives in Sheffield and before joining Twinkl, taught in primary schools for over 20 years. His experience ranges from large city schools to small Peak District schools, including 8 years of headship in two very different schools. He has led on a wide range of developments from curriculum design, use of new technology and improving teaching and learning to improving engagement with parents and large-scale building projects. He’s also been a school governor, a specialist leader in education and been involved in initial teacher training.

You can follow Oliver Wright on Twitter at @OliverSlt
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Episode 1 – Using Pupil Voice in lesson planning

In this episode, we are joined by Kate Sturdy (@k8KES8).

Kate is a Key Stage 2 Curriculum Lead in North Wales and Year 5 (soon to be Year 6) teacher with 14 years’ teaching experience. She has presented for GwE about her journey to SLT, lectured for Bangor, Chester and Leeds Beckett universities about the new curriculum in Wales, and is currently working on assessment with the Welsh Government. Kate is passionate about using creativity, pupil voice and technology in the classroom.

In the podcast, Kate talks about how she uses pupil voice in her planning and how this has been embedded across the school.

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