Pricing plans

ReallySchool has an annual fee that varies depending on the number of pupils you have. There are no additional costs, unless you chose to use MIS integration for your convenience. This is an optional feature that has a small fee. All other features of ReallySchool are included in your yearly subscription payment. The annual costs only vary for the number of pupils; any number of devices can be used to access ReallySchool.

To ensure you are happy with the product and that it works for your school, we offer a free month’s trial. This means you have lots of time to explore the app before you decide whether you want to keep using it. We can then transfer all of your data in to a full account, so you won’t lose any observations collected. We welcome feedback and, if you do decide ReallySchool is not for you, please let us know why, as we are keen to make our product a valuable experience for everyone.

If you are a Peterborough school, please contact us for a special local schools’ offer.

Up to 50 students

Up to 100 students

Up to 750 students

Over 750 students

Up to 50 students = £2.50 per pupil

Up to 100 students = £2.10 per pupil

Up to 750 students = £1.80 per pupil

Over 750 students = £1.70 per pupil

£2.50 per pupil

£2.10 per pupil

£1.80 per pupil

£1.70 per pupil

All prices exclude VAT.

MAT-based pricing available on request from [email protected]

Please note that when you purchase ReallySchool, it will be subject to our terms and conditions.

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