Accept nothing less than high quality observations and assessments of your EYFS and primary school pupils

Low-cost, easy to use and super secure, ReallySchool, our award-winning app and online portal, helps teachers and TAs to capture and assess observations from EYFS and primary school pupils quickly and effectively. From creating observations and linking learning to assessment, to monitoring progress, identifying learning gaps – and more!

School leaders also benefit from a streamlined process that supports the creation of high quality observations and assessments, as well as supporting parental engagement and home learning – while its wealth of reports help monitor whole-school teaching and learning.

Reduce staff workload

Just like a social media app, ReallySchool is easy to use and requires zero training. Teachers can create observations and store them directly into an online log for each child (without having to print them and stick them into journals), add assessments and view reports, all within seconds – saving them up to 2 hours daily! Learning journals and informative timelines and reports provide access to all the information at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime.

Home learning  

If a school closes for a period of time, with ReallySchool, learning can carry on at home and ensure parents and children are always fully supported. Teachers can share remote learning activities with parents (using videos, photos, audio clips and notes to demonstrate how to complete activities). In turn, parents can send what their child has achieved back to the teacher to review and assess – as well as add any comments or feedback about their out-of-school achievements. 

Assess and report

ReallySchool has a comprehensive range of progress and attainment reports to monitor observation coverage and acquisition of skills, helping teachers to spot gaps in learning and plan next steps. Meanwhile the mix of reports available (class progress, student progress, SOAP, baseline assessments, end of KS1 and KS2 assessment, whole school attainment), helps provide valuable whole-school insights. 

Engage parents

Parents have access to their own version of the ReallySchool app, which is incredibly easy to use. Teachers can send videos, photos, audio clips and learning journals to parents to highlight what their child is learning about at school. It also allows teachers to send out home learning activities, encouraging parents to contribute to their child’s learning – and helps teachers to record refinements in pupils’ understanding to show smaller steps of progress.

Key features include:


  • Create classes and houses
  • Add or capture photos
  • Add audio and video notes
  • Add comments to observations
  • Access current assessment criteria
  • Add extra assessment criteria on the fly
  • Add baseline assessments
  • One click for a detailed student view
  • See pupils’ progress in timelines
  • View a range of class and student reports
  • Generate leadership reports
  • Create student journals
  • Celebrate student success
  • Share achievements and progress with parents
  • Share home learning activities with parents
  • Parents can share development and achievements from home
  • Plus much more!

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    Watch our short summary video

    Watch our short summary video

    Pricing plans

    We understand schools’ budgets are stretched and so to help make every penny count, we’ve made ReallySchool even more affordable with an annual fee that varies depending on the number of pupils you have.

    Up to 50 students – £2.50 per pupil
    Up to 150 students – £2.25 per pupil
    Up to 250 students – £2 per pupil
    Up to 400 students – £1.75 per pupil
    Up to 500 students – £1.50 per pupil
    Over 500 students – £1 per pupil

    What they say about us...

    Mrs Waters, Head Teacher, Dogsthorpe Infants School

    “With ReallySchool, we’re now getting better quality assessments, which means a better response in terms of planning and provision.”

    Mrs Waters, Head Teacher, Dogsthorpe Infants School

    Ben Whitaker, Co-ordinator of Project Digital at Burnley College

    “In a data-rich but time-poor educational climate, giving teachers a resource that saves them time and produces effective and purposeful reports is a no brainer!”

    Ben Whitaker, Co-ordinator of Project Digital at Burnley College

    Mrs Jordan, Dogsthorpe Infants School

    “Being able to assess there and then during an observation is so helpful.”

    Mrs Jordan, Dogsthorpe Infants School