Helping pupils adapt to a new school or class


Moving into a new class or up to a new school can be daunting for any young child. There’s so much to be excited about, but there are probably many questions going through their heads such as, “What will my teacher be like?” “How will I know where to go?” and “How will I make friends?”

To help schools help their pupils with this, we’ve collaborated with online safety expert and founder of GoBubble, Henry Platten, to put together a free pack of transition resources for teachers to use. It covers everything from useful information that the school can send to parents, to activities children can do over the summer that can act as an ice-breaker activity at the start of the new term. We’ve also included editable versions so that you can adapt them to your own needs.

Here’s the first resource… To download the rest of the pack, simply enter your details. Enjoy!

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