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The R.I.S.E. magazine is a continued commitment from NetSupport to do its part to support the education community, as well as a way to celebrate the sector and provide an opportunity for voices within education to come together to inspire and empower.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does ReallySchool cost?

ReallySchool has an annual fee that is based on the number of pupils you want to use it with. Subscriptions start from £2.50 per pupil. You can find our pricing list here. If you would like a quote, please fill out our subscription inquiry form.

Are there any additional costs?

A ReallySchool subscription entitles you to all of ReallySchool’s features. The only additional cost if for MIS Integration. This is an optional way for you to get your student, staff and parent data on to ReallySchool.  For further information, head here.

Where do I buy it?

You can register your school by selecting free trial. Alternatively, you can fill out the ‘Find out more’ form (which you will find if you scroll down to the bottom of this page) to get more information.

What devices can I use to access ReallySchool?

The teacher app can be used on any Android/Apple tablet device. The parent app can be used on any Android/Apple tablet or mobile device. Please note that your device software will need to be iOS 10 or higher, or Android 7 or higher. The browser can be accessed through any Windows and Mac device. Up-to-date versions of either Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera, or Firefox are required.

Where can I get the app?

Click here to download the app for Android Click here to download the app for Apple iOS

How do you add new students?

To add students, you need to be an administrator. An administrator can manually add students by clicking on the ‘Plus’ button on the student tab. To add student information more quickly, you can import a CSV file from your school’s MIS system or use MIS Integration for a small fee. For import guidance, head here.

What assessment frameworks are included in ReallySchool?

We have pre-populated curriculum frameworks for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. These frameworks include The National Curriculum for England, Development Matters (EYFS), The National Curriculum for Wales, The Digital Competence Framework, The Scottish Curriculum for Excellence and the Northern Ireland Curriculum for Primary. As well as PScales, Pre-key stage 1 and 2, Greater Depth, CoEL, ECaT, EYDJ frameworks and Birth to 5 matters guidance.

What do parents see?

Parents can see their child’s observations including photos, videos, audio files, and student badges through our dedicated iOS or Android app. Parents can also see any home learning activities that have been assigned, and add notes, images, videos and audio clips, of their child’s achievements. Parents can view and respond to teacher comments where a teacher has enabled this option. Additionally, a parent can download their child’s individual journal.

How do I edit an observation?

When looking at an observation, click on the three dots in the top right-hand corner. This will give you some options including ‘Edit.’ Also, from your PC, you can edit or add extra notes to an observation taken earlier on a tablet.

What is the difference between draft, saved and posted as a status?

A draft observation is an incomplete post that you can edit or remove at any time. If you choose to ‘save’ an observation the data will be added to reports and journals. If you choose to ‘post’ an observation it will also be shared with parents. Any status of observation can be removed. For saved and posted observations only text and attachments can be edited. If you want to make changes to students and/or assessments, you need to undo the post and/or save so the observation reverts to draft status. Additionally, parents can only respond to draft home learning activities, once you choose to save or post the activity, they can no longer contribute, and the entry will be added to student journals.

Can you delete an observation after it has been posted?

Yes, draft, saved and posted observations can all be deleted. You also have the option to undo a save or post.

Please note that if you delete a saved or posted observation or if you undo a save data from that specific observation will no longer be included in related reports and journals. 

Can I have a teacher or senior leader see observations and data for more than one class?

Yes, an admin can see all classes and students and can add staff to any number of classes allowing them to see and add observations to multiple classes as desired.

Who do I contact if I need support?

For general enquiries, contact [email protected] For technical support, contact [email protected]

What if I change my mind?

We offer a free month’s trial so that you have time to change your mind if ReallySchool is not right for you.

How do I share a home learning activity with parents? 

First, create a new observation that includes the children you want to receive the activity, a description of it and supporting guidance such as images, videos and audio clips. Once your activity is ready, tick to confirm. Then, from the timeline, select the menu button on the activity and choose ‘Publish for home learning.’ Parents will then be able to respond until you save or post the activity to mark it as complete.  

How do I manually assign additional parents/carers to a child?  

Select the ‘students’ tab, then the edit icon next to the child. Click on the ‘parents’ section and press ‘assign’. Next, choose the desired parent/carer from the list. Select accept and save to confirm the change. If the parent/carer is not on the system, select ‘new’ rather than ‘assign.’  

How do I manually assign a staff member to additional class? 

First, select the ‘classes’ tab, then the edit icon. Click on the ‘staff’ section, then ‘assign’ and choose the desired staff member from the list. Tick to confirm, then press ‘save’ to confirm your changes.  

Where can parents add photos, videos, and audio clips of their child’s home learning? 

Parents can add photos, video and audio clips of their child in response to a home learning activity. When a teacher has shared a home learning activity, a parent can press on it and select ‘parent note’ and add text, audio, photo and/or video evidence of learning. If a teacher saves or posts the home learning activity, parents will no longer be able to respond. This will be shown by a bookmark icon and a ‘saved by teacher’ note on saved/posted home learning activities.

Parents can also create their observations to share with their child’s teacher. They can add photos, videos, audio clips, links, documents and text notes of their child’s out of school learning and achievements.

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